IKEA Smart shopping Assistant - Interactive System

My goal and direction with this project is to re-designing an interactive, greyscale prototype of the Ikea app in order to create an innovative smart shopping assistant experience. Something functional and reliable for customers

Working along side two loyal IKEA customer from different ages. I will be able to produce an interactive prototype that matched the customer experience of every customer. Together, I will be styding every aspect of the project, exercising a way of communication between the interactive experience and, design of their thinking skills.

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To get a better overview of the issue we are trying to solve. It was important we jumped online to conduct some simple competitor research and analysis. The initial idea of system transformation came from my mom’s experience shopping at IKEA. I realized how this small problem can create some decrease of sales and how the difference of age can create a huge gap with IKEA'S current business model. I was able to compiled a list of vendors that had similar traits; demographic size, environmentally focused, large product range, low price point and store size to compare and find the best possible solution.