Packaging Design | Diverse Packaging

Design for brand line across varying containers


Identify one of these brands for your project that you think needs design improvement. The challenge of this project is to extend the look of your brand over different sized containers: boxes, cylindrical cartons, bottles, blister packs, etc. You may choose to retain the original containers, or reimagine the container type. Packaging should maintain the existing content but the surface graphics must change. You must have at least three different forms/sizes, although you may choose to do more. Can be a grocery product, but may also be a non-consumable consumer product.

Process Book


The begining stage of the process consisted on proposing three different approaches with the main concept of diverse packaging. Researching and scketching ideas was critical in order to provide a more accurate solution but also a more clear direction of my packaging exploration study. I developed a variarity of logos and packaging labels with an specific number system identification for the three aromatherapy items. As a result of this study. I was able to create a beautiful and refined brand that represents the concept of EQUILIBRIO(BALANCE). A sustainable brand that focuses reusable packaging.