Marketing Initiative - Campaign for Good

Campaign for good | Hillcrest Foods Service Co. Branding & marketing initiative for 2021

Last year due to the consequences of COVID our company had to face some difficult times. Seeing customers that had been with us for most that a decade shut down and not being able to be back in business was something we were ready for. Based on the main concept of the Campaign for Good we put together for typography III with Dave Flynn. I was able to recreate and implement some of the aspects of it and proposed a marketing initiative that was only foucused on the local independents.

Process Book

Communicating a strong meassage of unity and local support. We knew that people in our industry were tired of the situation. The lack of support and the fear of lossing everything. We wanted to make sure they knew we were here for them. Helping in any way we could with different services we offer but most importantly making sure that they understood we were more than a food distributor company with a more friendly and caring approach.