App Development/ Engineering & Design

Hillcrest Foods Service Co. is a family owned business that wholesales and distributes food and supplies to other locally owned business in foodservice.

In 2016 Hillcrest started a re-branding marketing initiative with the purpose of improving the company's image but most importantly communicating directly with potential customers. It has been four to five years of working on the new brand of the company and making sure we are using all the tools we have to take it to the next level.

Process Book Interactive Prototype

In 2020, we started our app and engineering project journey. Our Hillcrest internal management app is going to be a powerful tool for our sales team. This app will track all the sales and credit reports of new customers. This system will also be part of a self management and training initiative for new employees. We are currently in the programming phase. We are still working on the iOS and Android version of the app. We are hoping to start beta testing in the next couple of months.